Business Manager Point of Sale (BM-POS system) takes advantage of today's technology to facilitate management and control of retail operations. Using the BM-POS system, you can configure, maintain and control all your stores using a simple Browser such as Internet Explorer from anywhere in the world.

With BM POS system you can use the Internet to have up-to-dateinformation about each and every store. Their inventory, sales, returns, cashier operations, receipts of merchandize and otheractivities.


  • Integrated credit card processing

  • Store credits and returns

  • Manager security and controls

  • Price change management

  • Automated store close

  • Time and attendance

  • Layaways and special orders (CRM module)

  • Inventory management & transfers

  • Physical inventory

  • Automated Replenishment

  • Wireless support

  • Customer profiling (CRM module) And Many More

  • Inventory control of stores

  • Distribution of goods to stores

  • Client file maintenance

  • Audit and control reporting

  • Automated replenishment of stores

  • Supply Chain Automation

  • Security parameters and reporting

  • Centralized purchasing at head office

  • Financials

  • Sales reporting

  • Employee audit & performance tracking

  • Sales Commission and Accounts Receivable


BM POS system integrates to major credit card processors in North America in order to process payments quickly and accu-rately. Now you can have one point of sale solution that doesit all - processes payments as well as all other store related activities.

At your head office, BM POS system provides detailed payment reports in order to facilitate daily balancing and control operations. BM POS system tracks each and every payment from its initial conception to final collection, with complete control and saudit reports.

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